Monday, September 1, 2008


There was one time in a Shanghai prison when I had a much more intense, existential and emotionally draining experience then these last three weeks have proven to be...... but that's another story for another time; there may be kids listening.

For some this is an update for the rest this is an announcement; this is about my Mother.

For those of you that know me well.... Insane, bizarre, arrogant, opinionated, condescending, rude, the life of the party, preacher and eternal optimist.... I have been humbled.

My Mother is stubborn to a fault (good genes). She is also insanely physically fit for an 85 year old woman (some genes skip a generation). Last Monday evening, in a fit of lucidity, she made the decision that she did not want to live life as a stoke victim. She chose to die her way and we thought last night was the night.

We were mistaken.

Altho her mind decided early on to go peacefully, her body refused to comply. This is a warning to all of you health freaks! I intend to die younger and much quicker. I spent last night in the hospital with her, fully expecting it to be her last. I do not wish that experience on my much hated enemies; and you know who you are. I have never felt such intense helplessness in my life. I am glad that I have only had two parents, I could not face that again.

She has now been moved to a Hospice facility in Auburn. That is a good thing. As Martha pointed out, Auburn is where all the Saints go when they die (War Eagle). She is now on the doorstep and will have a short journey. The Angels are smiling!

To all that she knew and loved as family, and that includes Tony, Belar, Salvo, Bill and Saconda, you know that she loves you. Even if she was too freaking stubborn to show it (hmm, small self examination here). And steadfastly refused any offer of help, because that extended to Denny and me also. To the rest of you that know her only through me, she is so ashamed and offers her sincere apologies. She swears we (Denny and me) are not her fault or responsibility! Job (from the Old Testament) once sent her a condolence card and expressed his sincere remorse over the way God had treated her.

She is now in Bethany House in Auburn, in a coma. She could die tomorrow or next week, it is impossible to say. Her services will be at Perry Funeral Home in Centre, Alabama with burial in the Cherokee Memory Gardens in a Mausoleum that she already purchased. She will not be filed under the "T"'s for Tidmore but under the "M"'s for Mother.

I will let you know when that happens. I am sure this is a little too humorous for some of you; I understand. There once was a time when she did not want Denny and me to visit her at the same time. She could only take us in small doses and as separate medicines. However, I refer back to Monday night, during her lucid time, when along with telling us how much she loved us and telling us to tell everyone else that she loves them too, that she uttered her most profound statement in a while. "You both know that we have always loved each other very much; it just didn't always look that way".

I just wanted to let you know about the passing of a wonderful lady that just happened to be my Mother. I will update you when her body decides to follow.

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