Saturday, January 10, 2009

What is it you don't understand?

What is it you don't understand? Should I dumb down the answer for you just a little? Would you like me to put my stuff in a coloring book so you can disregard common sense, scrawl all over the information and draw outside the lines? What colors would you need... red and black? Everything is anger and hatred.... SO THERE! Your world is black with red pain oozing from the open wounds and the SCREAMING...... oh god the incessant SCREAMING...

Then let me scream a little LOUDER.....

Would you like me to write it in braille so you can pound your forehead against the screen and read the words in the PAIN IN YOUR HEAD?

Would you like me to bend the answer onto the head of a branding iron so you can heat it to RED, a color you know well, and sear the answer onto the flesh of your ass, which is where most of your BRAINS are STORED?

Would you like me ferment the answer in my still until it is 200 proof and when you drink it the only brain cells left in your ass will be the ones that SPELL OUT THE ANSWER?

Would that help? I DOUBT IT!

But please feel free to ask me any questions. I am always open and ready with answers.

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