Sunday, August 24, 2008

Am I the only person afraid of the Internet?

Am I the only person alive that is very afraid of this thing called the Internet? Am I the only one that fears having this much power in the hands of every person? This is too much like an NRA wet dream; mass distribution of weapons of mass destruction. Ultimate salvation via the threat of mutually assured destruction.

What’s that you say? “Get off your rag old man and join the 21st Century. We have given a voice to the masses! Can’t you hear the harmony?” Sure, I hear the sounds. Instant access to information; the crack of the new millennia. But it’s far from art. If Mozart wiped his ass with a blank sheet of music scoring paper would we gather the orchestra and attempt to play it? What I hear is every mindless drone beating his drum and blowing his horn; each sounding louder than the other.

It is as if we find our expression in the suffocation of others. All of the pix, audio and video that is posted showing the frailties and fallibles of others; streaming out at DWDM speed available for the prurient interest of the voyeurs bent on watching snuff films that cater to the character assassination crowd. It’s death as surely as the loss of brain wave activity. Only it’s comedy since it happens to someone else. There is no tragedy outside of our personal experience.

Whatever happened to common sense? To mercy? To understanding? It isn’t like the internet has created this “dog eat dog” mentality; it has simply given it a voice. And the railings against corporate America where their shortcomings are captured and streamed out for all to see? This is good when consumer protection is at the heart. But we already know that corporations only exist to make money. What happens when they tire of the game; like paying more for workers in America? When they say “screw you” and move the corporate offices to Kazakhstan?

Where is the sense of personal responsibility in all of this? Where is the morality and the desire to build a better and stronger civilization? Oh yeah, it’s in the hands of Religion and the Government; where it belongs. They each are constantly at war with their enemies attempting to prove their truth through annihilation. Telling us what to think and feel; and doling out prizes to those that want to play. Put the ring in my nose and tie me to the ass of the cow in front of me. Hear the bellowing? Is that harmony?

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