Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sales for the new Millenium

Sales is a wonderful profession. My job is to convince someone that I have the perfect solution to their problem. But first I must convince them that they have a problem. Can’t keep it up? Then I have Viagra. Losing your hair? Then I have spray on hair in a can .

We should conduct sales calls like an AA meeting. We would go around the table introducing ourselves; Hi, my names Bob and I am full of shit. Hi Bob. Etc. At that point we could simply lay the facts out on the table and come to a fair price. After which we would all go eat lunch and play a round of golf. Which is why we got into this damned business in the first place. I would give up my commission if we could drop the pretense.

There have been times in meetings when I wanted to call a time out. Just like in football. During the time out we would share a laugh at the bullshit going around the table. After the time out we would put our game faces on and conduct business in a professional manner. It is hard to keep from laughing. Am I the only one who gets the joke?

Why do we have sales in the first place? All businesses should decide not to use a sales force. If people want your product or service they can come and get it. At which point they would be willing to pay top dollar. Fewer sales but more revenue, now that’s what I am talking about

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