Sunday, August 24, 2008

Is there anybody out there?

A friend once asked me if he was the only person that thought Pluto should be a Planet.

It is not just you. Supercilious and Sanctimonious come to mind. I think that we should come up with our own definition for "Pompous Ass" and see how many scientists fit the bill. How many scientists does it take to screw up a meaningless part of our universe? Apparently a shit-load.

And the simple question makes me wonder what the rest of the universe thinks; or if anything else in the universe actually thinks. This is not a discussion of is there other beings, creatures or entities in the universe; I don't see how there can't be. But is needing and using a brain to store and process information (i.e. thinking) indigenous only to our planet? Are there other expressions of knowing and understanding, far superior to thinking, utilized by creatures far more sapient than ourselves? Or, do the other entities understand on a level above sapient that we can not conceive?

Maybe we have been visited by aliens but they have not found a viable means of communication. Short of using a cosmic cattle prod to goad us in the right direction.

And if they can comprehend the things that we find to be important, would they be amused at the amount of effort we spend classifying a capacious pebble that circles ol' Sol? Or do we seem "a pest"?

Seems that we have oodles of evolving left in front of us. I wonder if humor is transcendent?
I certainly hope so. If there is someone in charge of all this, they better be laughing.

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